2017-04-21 11:53 pm

Here we go.

Well, I've migrated here from Live Journal, and I suppose it's just as well, seeing as some things are better left in the past. Though journaling is therapeutic, there's something equally liberating about deleting such sessions of venting and tedious chronicling. Besides, it's Springtime.
I got to reconnect with my dear friend, April, today! She and I have shared many adventures and road trips since massage school, and I can hardly believe we've known each other for over five years, now. It has been months since we've really connected. So, it came as quite the surprise when she texted me to ask if I was attending the myofascial release course this weekend. Besides the unexpected quality time with my soul sister, the material we're learning is going to help immensely at work. I'm thrilled to be able to use super efficient techniques that won't require me to over-exert, and when you see up to eight clients daily, that's a really big deal. With tomorrow comes round two, but I think I'll bring more coffee for the lecture portions. Seriously, how else does one stay awake at a desk?